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Bidding to Host a Regional Event

Components and Associate Organizations are eligible to host a regional tree climbing championship. When proposing to host a regional competition, you will be asked to address the requirements listed below (Outline of Bid Requirements) with detailed information and be prepared to submit the Proposed TCC Site Information Form. Organizations should not enter into any contracts during the bidding process.

When events are open for bid, ISA will send an invitation for bids to eligible chapters or associate organizations in that region. The invitation will include an Expression of Interest (EOI) document, and the Proposed Site Information Form. These documents will need to be submitted by the deadline indicated in the bid invitation. The organization selected to host will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ISA.

Organizations Eligible to Bid

All chapters and associate organizations are eligible to host the ISA regional event held in their geographic area.

Organizations by Event Regions

Outline of Bid Requirements

Endorsement of the Chapter's Bid

  • What are the benefits for arboriculture and ISA?
  • A statement of how many many volunteers the chapter has to assist

Competition Venue

  • Suggest up to three cities/parks within the Chapter boundaries with suitable facilities and infrastructure
  • A minimum of 6 competition trees with acceptable height, canopy spread, and structural stability will be necessary
  • Exhibit/vendor space at the site
  • Outline any selling restrictions and applicable taxes
  • Overview, photos, and layout of the proposed site
  • Estimated cost of permits for site use (if any)
  • Information on services nearby for accessibility, transportation, lodging, etc.


  • Location Information
  • Climate
  • Safe, Secure, and Stable Destination
  • Tourist Activities

Local Support

  • List of potential local exhibitors and sponsors
  • Date availability (public holidays, annual events, etc. that fall during the potential competition dates)

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