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2017 ITCC Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Sponsor The ITCC

The International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) provides a platform for ISA to showcase the arboriculture profession to the public and provide educational opportunities. Attracting up to 60 competitors, 80 volunteers, and more than 500 public attendees on an annual basis, this event focuses on safety, promoting the arboriculture profession, and bringing public awareness.

Sponsorship helps support:
  • Educational and networking opportunities for participants and attendees
  • Promotion of safe work practices by the demonstration of climbing proficiency and the use of best practices and industry safety standards.
  • Creating a safe environment to introduce new techniques and technology through interactions between arborists, manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and trainers.
  • Making the event more "fan-friendly" by increasing the accessibility for the public through adequate site location, regional promotions, and educational opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2017 ITCC in Washington D.C., US, please contact or call +1 217.355-9411.

There are also opportunities for sponsoring events at the Annual International Conference and Show. View sponsorship opportunities for the Annual International Conference.

Presenting Sponsor

The ITCC Presenting Sponsor is an integral partner in the success of this ISA program. The Presenting Sponsor supports all of ISA's endeavors to reach field arborists and the public with messaging about safety, professionalism, and the importance of proper tree care.
This opportunity generously supported by

Masters' Challenge

The Masters' Challenge is the premier event at the International Tree Climbing Championship. The competitors with the highest preliminary event scores showcase their skills, both physical and analytical, to determine who will be the ITCC Champion.
This opportunity generously supported by

Preliminary Event Tree Sponsors (5)

Scores in the five preliminary events, Aerial Rescue, Belayed Speed Climb, Ascent Event, Throwline, and Work Climb, are added to determine who will advance to the Masters' Challenge. Each event highlights different skills that may be used in the day-to-day practice of arborists in the field.
Generously supported by Fanno Weaver

Equipment Sponsor

Tree-climbing equipment that is in good condition, appropriate for tree climbing, and complies with industry safety standards is paramount to the safety of climbing arborists. The equipment sponsor supports ISA's efforts to supply the proper gear for the competition through either monetary or in-kind donations.

Apparel Sponsor

The ITCC apparel sponsor outfits the competitors in the official event jersey and provides shirts for the volunteers. Support for clothing is provided through either monetary or in-kind donations.

Celebration Reception

At the conclusion of the ITCC, competitors, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and spectators have the opportunity to network and unwind in a festive atmosphere with food, drinks, music, and camaraderie. The Celebration Reception sponsor not only supports this activity, but also has the opportunity to leave a lasting impression as the final brand put before this segment of the arboriculture profession.
This opportunity generously supported by

Industry Education

Continuing education is vital for the creation of a safe and knowledgeable workforce. Supporting arboriculture education helps ISA provide learning opportunities for the ISA participants.

Public Engagement

ITCC provides the fun, festive atmosphere necessary to encourage the public to learn about the importance of safe, proper tree care. The public engagement sponsor supports ISA's efforts to reach out to the public, both in the city where the event is taking place and throughout the region through mainstream and social media.


Event participants will be transported between the event hotel and the park and potentially to other off-site activities. These individuals will be looking for signage that provides transportation schedules and vehicle boarding locations.


Meals are an important networking opportunity for the ITCC participants. Meal sponsors help ISA provide meals for the ITCC competitors and volunteers.

Event Supporter

Event Supporters assist ISA in enhancing the ITCC experience for all participants without a specific designation for their monetary contributions
Multiple Available

Participant Bags

Competitors and volunteers have a lot of equipment and personal items they need to transport both during the event and at work. Participant bags are an opportunity for a sponsor to not only get logo recognition at the event, but also in the communities where the participants live and work.
This opportunity generously supported by

Participant Water Bottles

Hydration is an important aspect of health and safety in arboriculture as in every profession. Participant water bottles are an opportunity for a sponsor's logo to appear on the water bottles used by participants at ITCC and later on the jobsite.

Hydration Station

Attendees and competitors will fill their reusable water bottles again and again at these hydration stations that are branded with your company logo. These stations will be placed strategically around the park for easy access and visibility.

Arbor Expo Vendor

ISA invites you to exhibit at Arbor Expo, an outdoor trade show and a key event at the International Tree Climbing Championship. Please see the Arbor Expo Vendor Prospectus.

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